June 2019 - Parade of Parrots

By: Christine P, Thursday June 20, 2019

Our last meeting for the season was held on Tuesday June 18, 2019. Our Parade of Parrots was well-attended by club members and 2 guests. Many species were presented including Goffins Cockatoo, Budgie, Senegal, Quakers, African Greys, Sun, Blue-throated and Painted Conures, Hahnís Macaws, Eclectus, Double Yellow-headed Amazon, Brown-headed Parrot and a Lory. We even got a Hawkhead Parrot presentation using a life-like sculpture. It was very informative, interesting and a lot of fun!

Our outreach to the Nursing Home in Newmarket on June 4th went so well we were invited back for to do another one this summer. Please contact the Club Executive members if you are available to volunteer.

Kimís snack table was available for a $2 donation and included a homemade strudel brought in by Tanya. Delicious!

Lucy and Johnny groomed memberís birds for a nominal fee and wood blocks for toy-making were available for sale. These are great value for our members and support our club.

Congratulations to all of the raffle winners! A special thank you goes out to Reese for donating the Crystal Parrots. Faye was thrilled to be the winner! Faye and Tanya were was also the lucky winners of several other parrot-related items, as was Dave, one of our guests. Kim, Gino & Grazyena were also winners. Judy was the lucky winner of a free club membership for next season. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the club!

Have a safe, healthy and fun Summer everyone! Weíre looking forward to seeing you at our annual Meet and Greet on Tuesday September 17, 2019.