May 2019 - Trick Training and Parrot Harnessing Demonstration

By: Christine P and her lovebirds Ducky and Kiwi, Tuesday May 21, 2019

The Club had a very informative meeting on Tuesday May 21, 2019. Steve and Bonnie demonstrated trick training with their parrots Chase, Max and Sophie. Basic tricks such as the wave, turn and shake “hands” using positive reinforcement were introduced. More advanced trick training such as the retrieve was demonstrated. Steve mentioned that beginning trick training is usually easier if the parrot’s wings are clipped or if it is done in a small space at first. Steve has handouts available if anyone is interested in further information. Chase, Max and Sophie worked hard for their favourite treat reward - peeled grapes!

Proper parrot harnessing technique was demonstrated by Johnny (with parrots Mickey and Bebe) and Lucy (with parrot Bandit) using the Aviator brand harness. It is very important that the harness be the correct size for the bird and that it is fitted properly. With practice and patience (and sometime a few bites!) this technique can be mastered by introducing it to your bird gradually using positive reinforcement. They recommended viewing the DVD that comes with the harness for additional tips and tricks to try with your bird. Harnessing is important to keep your birds safe while outdoors, even if their flight feathers are clipped.

Kim provided the regular yummy treat table for a $2 donation and grooming was available for a small fee by Johnny and Lucy. We welcomed a new member, Judy, to the Club along with her lovely Blue-throated Conure.

Raffle tickets sales started for a beautiful crystal parrot statue that was generously donated by Reese. The draw will be held at our June meeting so don’t forget to get your tickets then!

Don’t miss our fun and information Parade of Parrots meeting in June. Members will be presenting their birds and giving a short talk on each species. It is a great way to learn more about our precious feathered friends. We are looking forward to seeing you there!