January 2009 Meeting Recap - Trick Training

By: Linda P, Tuesday January 20, 2009

Our first meeting of the year 2009 was a great success. It was informative and entertaining. We were treated, as were the birds, to an interesting and fun hands on learning experience by Steve and Max and Chase.

Steve explained the requirements for training birds were a tame bird, a quiet venue and the birdís favourite treats. He told us to have patience, teach in small steps and to use the praise and reward system. Sessions can last up to 45 minutes but when the bird loses interest it is time to stop. Sessions should end on a positive tone.

Many of the clubís members brought their bird stands, treats and their birds and we learned how to teach 3 basic tricks. Ė the hand shake, the wave and the turn around.

When some of the birds mastered those tricks, Steve explained how to teach the retrieve which is used very often in most tricks.

Max showed us many of the wonderful tricks he can perform such as picking up coins and putting them into a piggy bank, opening up a cabinet, taking out dishes and setting a table and of course his famous save the person from the fire trick. Chase demonstrated his bowling technique although he didnít achieve a strike.

Max is a quaker parakeet and Chase is a painted conure. Some of the other birds at the meeting learning tricks were macaws, parrots, african greys, a meyers, senegals, a cockateil and others that I am sure I have missed.

It was a great start to a new year. We all had a great time. We enjoyed yummy treats from the buffet table, we bought 50/50 draw tickets, we had a silent auction for a great play stand ,we swapped things at our swap table and our library was up and running with dvdís and magazines.