September 2018 - Meet and Greet

By: Christine P, Sunday September 30, 2018

Our September meeting was YRPC’s traditional Meet-and-Greet where members renewed their memberships and caught up with each other after the summer break. We welcomed one new member and one guest to the group.

Only members’ vet-checked healthy birds are permitted at the meetings provided you have had them for at least 60 days. This is to ensure the health of everyone’s flock.

The 2018-2019 executives were introduced. Everyone is encouraged to come to the executive meetings and get involved - just ask a current executive member for more details. The executive shared their decisions not to attend the Nationals or Fairy Lake this year due to a lack of new volunteers and decreased response in obtaining new members. There are opportunities to get involved in public outreach at Seniors Homes this year. The outline for the meeting topics for 2018/2019 was provided and everyone is encouraged to provide suggestions as there are a few more ideas needed. Keep an eye on the website all of the details for the fun meetings that are planned for this season.

The usual housekeeping rules were covered such as clean-up after our birds by using the wipes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer and paper towels provided. Volunteers are always appreciated to help with after meeting clean up. It is challenging to find meeting space so lets work together to keep this one!

Grooming was available for members’ birds only and the yummy snack table was available to everyone as always for a $2 donation. The 50/50 draw was held and Morry was the lucky winner.

Don’t forget to mark the 3rd Tuesday of each month on your calendars and join the YRPC for a fun and educational 2018/2019 season!