May 2017: Chop Night

By: Margot B., Wednesday May 17, 2017

May marked our annual chop night! YRPC members all participated in chopping up a huge quantity of fresh vegetables for our birds! The chopped foods are then mixed together in a huge bowl and blended with various spices for flavour and heat! Finally the mix is bagged in small ziploc bags for members to take home. The bags can be frozen and the portions thawed out and refrozen in ice cube trays to make daily portion sizes. Another option is to cook up the chop in egg to make an egg-vegetable patty! The best way to get your bird to try a new food is to eat it yourself in front of them. No worries there as all members washed their hands thoroughly before chopping so the chop is entirely safe for birds and humans alike to eat! Added bonus: it is tasty and super healthy too!

Special thanks to Lucy Kupnicki for sourcing the vegetables, staying up late to wash them, providing knives, cutting boards, mixing bins, ziploc bags and food processors. Additional thanks to John Ryan for his help with loading and unloading and all the physical set up work! Finally, thank you to all club members who pitched in to make light work of the chopping, bagging and cleaning up! See you next month for our June social and potluck!