December Meeting - Holiday Potluck

By: Bonnie Kuehl, Friday December 30, 2016

We celebrated Christmas at our monthly meeting with a visit from Santa Claus and a potluck social. The food contributions were delicious and plentiful. All members present were able to get their pictures taken with Santa and their birds. There was excitement during the meeting as some birds took to flying around the room and visiting other members.

There were 3 candy guess games and the Candy Cane pull game. Much to our surprise, with an almost 50% chance of winning a prize, the first 6 people were unsuccessful with the Candy Canes. There was also the 50/50 draw and some additional prizes on the raffle table, one bird toy donated by Julie.

Everyone went home with something, as there were also gift bags for all the members, with a birdie toy and some people treats.

Julie of Spunky Parrot set up a table of toys and products for sale, and was helped out by her elf Nicole.

Grooming was also available, and a few birds were trimmed up for the holiday season.

A good time was had by all, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!