2009 Club Calendars are Here!

By: James, Tuesday December 16, 2008

The much anticipated 2009 York Region Parrot Club and Simcoe County Parrot Club calendars are now available at a meeting near you. These full-colour calendars should be thought more as stunning photos of our beautiful parrot friends rather than a calendar. Makes a great gift and conversation piece! Get yours now before they run out.

Features: (I bet you didn't think calendars could have features):
  • Each month contains beautiful 8x10 full colour photo of a bird in our club
  • 79 colour photos in total!
  • Contains the dates of our monthly club meetings (both York Region Parrot Club and Simcoe County Parrot Club)
  • All photos submitted by members of our club (both York Region and Simcoe County)
  • Canadian holidays marked
  • Cost: $25 (covers cost of printing)

Click here for a preview of the main calendar photos. To order, use the Contact page.