February 2016 - Open Forum

By: Margot B., Tuesday February 16, 2016

In February 2016, YRPC held an open forum evening for parrot related discussion. Audrey led a discussion about issues surrounding rescuing parrots such as what do when bringing home a rescue and the importance of vet checks and healthy diets. Interestingly, she also considered rehomes to be rescues as they are both moving to new environments and owners.

John gave a demonstration of how to properly harness a bird and how to train while Lucy successfully harnessed the new African Grey Storm despite some very vocal protestations! Storm was brought by new members Mike Cirone, Angela and Anna.

We also collected feathers for Shayna's Mom who volunteers with a native reserve and uses them for crafts in their therapy programs. Given that molt season is starting, please collect your feathers and bring them to the parrot club meetings.

Faye, a swan ambassador, discussed protecting swan habitat at Lasalle Park in Burlington by signing a petition to stop development of a marina.

We also enjoyed snacks (thanks Kim!) and there was a 50-50 raffle for bags of Tropican bird food pellets.

Grooming was also available which is one of the benefits of being a club member.

See you next month when Dr. Marcus will give a presentation on parrot-veterinary issues and provide discounted microchipping! Read the blog entry from Dr. Marcus' last visit.

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery.