January 2016 - Hands On Exotics

By: Margot B., Tuesday January 19, 2016

In January, YRPC welcomed back Hands On Exotics for an evening session with their animals. Co-owner Delivis Niedzialek delivered an informative session while giving everyone the opportunity to interact with their animals. Blue, the Hyacinth macaw, is a crowd pleaser as he will lie on his back in anyone's arms like a baby! The flying squirrel practiced jumping onto kids and adults alike, while Ruby the Eurasian Eagle Owl impressed with his huge wing span. Margot, a Hands On volunteer, assisted interactions with Flower the Striped Skunk who actually smells lovely, unlike the flying squirrel whose urinary aroma appeals only to the female of his species. Always a favorite, Aspen the Canadian Lynx came out at the end with his huge impressive paws and inquisitive eyes! YRPC is ever grateful to Hands On Exotics for their involvement in our club: interacting with their animals at our monthly meeting is an absolute highlight of the year! YRPC members collected some donations of needed items and cash to show their appreciation. Hands On Exotics is a Toronto based animal shelter which rescues exotic animals needing a new home, providing them with enrichment through their interactive sessions at schools, seniors homes, public events and private parties. Learn more and book your own Hands On Exotics event at