November 2015 - Toy Making Night with Spunky Parrot

By: Margot B., Tuesday November 17, 2015

YRPC toy making night came early this season at our November meeting. The meeting was held at an agricultural building at the Richmond Green due to a power outage at our regular location at Lake Wilcox Community Centre. Special guest for the evening was Julie Turner of The Spunky Parrot toy company. Julie designs and hand-makes a variety of chewable parrot toys, perches and platforms to help keep any parrot engaged! Julie generously donated parrot-safe supplies that birds love to chew including sea grass mats, colourfully and wonderfully shaped wood pieces, crimped paper, and more for her hands-on toy making demos. At the end of each demo, members got to take home their beautiful and chewable creations!

We also took full advantage of the supplies provided by the club (thank you also to Lucy, Linda and Morry) and tools (thank you John) to create toys that would occupy and engage their parrots.

Special welcome to new members Kathy and Lauren. Lauren brought her 11 month old African Grey, Georgia. Thanks as always to Kim for having snacks and drinks on hand for everyone to enjoy!

See you all next month for our annual Christmas party -- rumour has it that Santa might drop by!

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