October 2015 - Parrot Nutrition & Rescue Remedy

By: Margot B., Tuesday October 20, 2015

In October, YRPC hosted our own speakers on Parrot Nutrition and Rescue Remedy.

Stephanie Jackson gave a talk on the importance of feeding your parrot a healthy diet. Parrots can be picky eaters but even the most stubborn can be converted to eating healthy, fresh food with patience, modeling and consistent presentation. While pellets are designed to provide a balanced diet, fruits and especially vegetables add variety and activity and are an excellent source of nutrients for companion parrots. Many behaviour and health problems can be corrected and prevented by feeding the right kinds of foods. Stephanie is an experienced parrot owner offering excellent information on parrot care, behaviour and training on her website: www.rationalparrot

Next, Audrey McDonough, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, spoke to us about Homeopathy and in particular a popular product called Rescue Remedy. Made from flower extracts, Rescue Remedy is safe for people and pets including parrots with no side effects and can be purchased at any health food store. It is found to be effective in calming birds and pets in distress. Audrey offers a range of Holistic Nutrition Services for humans and specializes in Nutrition Cancer Coaching. Learn more about Audrey's services at

In addition to the evening presentations, October`s meeting included a 50-50 draw (congratulations Stephanie!), 3 candy guesses (there was a tie between James and Linda that came down to choosing a number between 1 and 10!) and a snack table (thanks to Shayna for filling in!). Greg also setup a table selling sprouting ingredients and equipment.

November is toy-making night - see you all then!