December meeting Christmas Party

By: Linda P., Thursday December 18, 2008

So much Christmas cheer.

Our December meeting was a great Christmas party. We had a great turnout with many birds. There was a flying macaw circling the room and birds on shoulders, birds on heads, birds on chests and birds on arms. Even our mascot bird attended the party.

Santa took time out of his busy schedule (as the Club Librarian) to pay us a visit. He parked his reindeer in the parking lot (he was lucky to find a spot) and posed for pictures with our feathered and human friends.

We kept our members busy all evening.

Christmas music was always evident in the background. We had a fabulous raffle with many items. Our pot luck buffet was delicious.

Everyone who signed in won a door prize. Marney won a beautiful stained glass creation which was donated by Laurie Larson. Many members won prizes from our candy cane pull. Two of our members won prizes for the most festive costumes. Rosalba was a misfit Christmas tree and Linda was a candy cane/reindeer.

Our 2009 club calendar was for sale. Our secret Santa was alive and well. We all received a loot bag when we left the building. We look forward to our other events and meetings in 2009.