April 2015 - Toy Making Night

By: Margot B., Tuesday April 21, 2015

April was our annual toy making night at York Region Parrot Club. The club supplied a variety of materials and tools for members to assemble into toys to pique the interest and provide stimulation for our birds. Supplies included wooden blocks with holes drilled in them, bottle caps, pine cones, paper cups, lego blocks, sisal rope, leather strips, and more. Bags of cut/sanded/drilled wood were also available for purchase for those who wanted to make more toys at home. Special thanks to Lucy and John for their efforts in cutting up the wood in advance of the meeting so there would be plenty of supplies.

We also had our raffle table with various items including Owl Foundation tour tickets. Flight for Parrots 2015 tickets were also sold to raise money for the Parrot Resource Centre. Grooming was also available by Lucy and Del for a nominal fee which is a valuable service we provide to our members at a nominal price.

We also welcome the new members who joined the club at this meeting!

April is also the time to start thinking about executive position nominations for next year - rather than assigning specific roles, a team instead will ensure the club runs smoothly. New members are welcome and encouraged to get involved on the executive team.

Next month is another club favorite - chop night. Help prep healthy foodstuffs for your birds to enjoy for months to come. See you soon!