March 2015 - Outreach at Revera Long Term Care

By: Margot B., Tuesday March 10, 2015

York Region Parrot Club embraced the opportunity for another community outreach at Revera Seniors Residence. They have had multiple outbreaks during the winter season and we were the first outside activity they've had in months so they were extra eager! This was also even more of a reason for us to provide some animal enrichment for them.

Several club members were on hand with their birds to introduce them to the residents in a presentation including a Steve and Bonnie's trick demonstration. Mary Ann and Jesse also brought their zebra finches in a cage. The birds were then brought around to the residents to see up close and hold the more gentle birds. One woman shared kisses with Emma and another Helen actually smiled for the first time after arriving earlier that day. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to see and interact with the birds including staff and family members.

After the residents returned to their rooms, Lucy and John spent some time providing some care to their resident yellow canary and cockatiel by grooming them. The cockatiel, Piper, it turns out had never been out of the cage at the home but she turned out to be very friendly! She happily hopped up to the shoulder of one the seniors, and also to Phos, one of the staff.

We have already received feedback from Revera saying the residents and staff find this programme very meaningful. This is substantiated by the looks on the faces in the photos! If you ask any of the members that attended this outreach or any other, they would agree they get back more than they give so please consider joining us for our next outreach.

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