February 2015 - Hands On Exotics

By: Margot B., Tuesday February 17, 2015

In February YRPC welcomed Hands On Exotics to share some of their amazing zoo animals with us. Dell was on hand and provided a highly informative talk even for us knowledgeable bird folks! Owls are thought to be wise but their large eyes leave little room for their brains: turns out good eyesight is a greater survival advantage than higher intelligence for an owl! Owls and vultures are the most snuggly of the birds of prey: HoEs Eurasian owl Ruby is a beautiful and relaxed bird.

Did you know that the province of Ontario currently only bans native wild animals from being kept as pets? HoEs friendly skunk is not stinky and surprisingly adorable! Their sugar glider on the other hand only hits one of those two points! Sugar gliders urinate readily and males have an additional scent gland on their heads to attract the females and repel humans! Fan favorites Gandalf the kangaroo and Julian the Lemur interacted with everyone! Dell also brought Buttercup their impressive 11 foot golden coloured Burmese Python! A docile ball python and friendly, inquisitive rat plus Hannibal the tortoise also made the rounds!

Special thanks to Hands On Exotics for generously sharing their interactive animal experience with us! HOE provides regular animal encounters for seniors homes and other residential and therapeutic facilities. They are also available for private parties. Visit them at their website or their facebook page.

Also special thanks to Gino for taking photos for the club, as well as John and Shayna.

Check out the rest of the photos in our gallery.