January 2015 - Cage Night

By: Margot B., Tuesday January 20, 2015

YRPC started off the new year with a look at different cage set ups thanks to Steve Kuehl. Members had previously sent in pictures of their bird cages and had an opportunity to share ideas for creating a stimulating cage environment. Providing a variety of foraging toys and different perches helps keep pet parrots occupied and prevent bad habits. Wood stands made from vertical branches can be made more appealing to parrots by securing horizontal cross branches. Flag holders are a handy way to mount new wood perches. Cage space can be expanded with perches that extend outside or above the cage. Special thanks to Steve Kuehl for preparing the slide show and presentation! As always, we enjoyed a raffle and snack table.

Steve also provided a brief show with his birds Maxine and Chase from Party Parrot Entertainment demonstrated what can be taught using positive reinforcement. The highlight is Maxine's famous "Fire! Fire Fire!" trick where she saves the teddy bear from certain death. Head over to our facebook page to see the video.

Next month, members are reminded to leave their parrots at home as Hands On Exotics will be treating us to a visit with their animals!

Check out the rest of the photos on the gallery.