December 2014 - Christmas Party

By: Margot B., Tuesday December 16, 2014

YRPC celebrated it's annual Christmas and Holiday party at the December meeting! With no formal meeting agenda, it was an evening of food and socializing! The potluck offerings were a tasty hit with everything from meatballs and samosas to fudge and squares! Members all received a gift bag with candy canes plus birdie treats. James our resident photographer was on hand with a free photo booth for everyone to enjoy and get a printed picture to take home with Santa!

We support local vendors and had a few this meeting. TruPet was onsite with a great selection of parrot toys and food. Greg from AvianRX brought herb salad, Avitech supplements and full spectrum lights. Spunky Parrot couldn't make it with their cool parrot toys but they generously provided soft chewable wood scraps for the gift bags.

It was good to have Fatima and Carlos back for the second time with their daughter Marie who enjoyed flipping Emma on her back at the end of the evening. The raffle and candy guess were a hit as always! A couple of birds also took advantage of grooming that was available.

January meeting is about cage set up - please remember to email Steve Kuehl your cage pics by Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2015!

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