November 2014 - First Aid and Microchipping

By: Margot B., Tuesday November 18, 2014

Though some members were not able to attend due to whiteout conditions up north, we still had a great turnout. Dr. Markus Luckwaldt from Luckwaldt Mobile Veterinary Services gave us an engaging information session on first aid for parrots. Topics include a detailed explanation of how to deal with a broken blood feather - one of the most common, potentially serious bird injuries. The best way to pull a blood feather is with forceps, something every parrot owner should have in their first aid kit. Hold the skin at the base of the feather with firm gentle pressure and clamp just above the base on the shaft. Pull with a quick, firm tug for the least pain and minimal injury to the follicle. To stop the bleeding at the follicle after the feather is pulled, gentle pressure with some "trauma" to the site in the form of light rubbing helps speed the clotting process, which works differently in birds than in humans.

Dr. Markus also demonstrated the proper technique for toweling birds for secure handling during veterinary exams. Stretching the bird helps immobilize and wrapping the towel under the wings helps keep them secure. Dr. Markus also demonstrated proper bandaging techniques for injured wings and toes as a first aid measure until the bird can be seen by a veterinarian.

The evening ended with microchipping for members wishing to get their birds chipped. Multiple birds were chipped including a rose breasted cockatoo, plus smaller birds including a quaker and poicephalus parrots senegal and brown head. All accepted the mini-microchip without difficulty.

Thank you Dr. Markus for your expert advice and chipping services!

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