October 2014 - Vet Night

By: Margot B., Tuesday October 14, 2014

October brought a special guest: a veterinarian specializing in avian and exotic animal medicine! Dr. Evan Mavromatis came from The Links Road Animal & Bird Clinic with his associate Dr. Michelle Yee. Dr. Evan gave an informal talk, allowing members to ask questions throughout the evening and providing great advice on care. With nearly half of their patient visits coming from birds, Dr. Evan has extensive experience in avian care.

Birds are masters at disguising illness or injury so they can be challenging to diagnose and treat. Regular vet visits provide a baseline that makes it easier to treat when things go wrong. Dr. Evan also emphasized the importance of providing foraging opportunities for birds in captivity: nuts and seeds are special treats that should always be worked for, never just fed in a bowl. He also mentioned that flour or corn starch to stop bleeds should only be used if no other methods such as styptic powder is not available as they can contribute to bacteria growth.

New members Stephanie and Julian came for their first meeting after joining YRPC at the National Bird Show! They recently adopted an African Grey. Duke and Nargis came with their very friendly blue Indian Ringneck Prince Pudgington who developed a love-at-first-sight attraction to Shayna's bright yellow cockatiel Buttercup! Pudgington also gives kisses to strangers so he is a real flirt! Margot was happy to have her friends Claudia and Paul stop in to see Emma while they were in town.

Robyn also came out from Ryerson University to take notes for her journalism class about interesting hobbies. We were also happy to have a few members of the Hamilton Parrot Club join us for the evening. Instead of our regular raffle, we had a 50-50 draw plus 3 candy jars to guess and there was a great spread of treats at the food table. See you all in November!

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