September 2014 - Meet and Greet

By: Margot B., Tuesday September 16, 2014

A new year is underway at the York Region Parrot Club with our September opening meeting a big success! The meeting was a meet and greet with many returning members and a few newcomers joining us!

Family Doug & Jeannie with daughters Abbie and Christine came for the first time - their new budgie Prince joined their family just over a week ago. Angelina who has a Quaker parrot named Quackie came with her Mom April to show support. New members from the spring Tanya and Jen were back with their 6 month old blue Ringneck Parrot! Past members Paul and Janet just flew in from their new home in Ecuador that day and managed to come out for the meeting - great to see you again!

Steve Kuehl announced the 2014/2015 executive and let members know they are welcome to join executive meetings if interested. He also requested volunteers to man our booth at the 76th annual National Bird Show at the Richmond Green for Saturday October 18, and Sunday October 19th. If you're interested, please contact any of the executive or use the "Contact Us" page on our website.

James also brought in some poster tubes and empty egg cartons for members to take home to make foraging toys for their birds.

We held another raffle/ fund raiser with great prizes including Tropican food bags donated by Mark Hagen following the recent Pet Expo at the International Centre - thanks Mark! Mike was also on hand from his TruPet store in Richmond Hill (west side of Yonge street just south of Elgin Mills) and had a table of parrot supplies on sale for us - thanks Mike! Special thanks to Kim for supplying a great food table and John for offering grooming during the meeting! See you all in October!

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