April 2014 Meeting - Toy Making Night

By: James B., Tuesday April 15, 2014

April's meeting was our annual Toy Making Night where supplies are brought in and members use their creativity to make their own toys for their birds. We had a large and varied inventory of raw materials such as wooden bases, pre-cut wooden dowels, plumbing connectors for the dowels, leather string, lots of rope, shredded paper, paper cups of various sizes, cardboard, etc. Steve and John helped by bringing their power tools to drill holes and cut wood.

The creativity was apparent because no two toys were the same. Some notable examples were Johns giant stand that stood 4' tall, Kimberley's double decker stand, and Louise's chock-a-block toy with more chunks of wood than a parrot could count, Karla's two crazy hanging toys, Erin's ladder, Kim's colourful stacked hanging chew toy, and Ben's block hanging toy.

Special thanks for Lucy for buying the supplies and Steve for pre-cutting the materials to make T-stands.

Morry announced that nominations for the executive were open and read out the current executive roles and the people filling them this year. All nominations are to be emailed to Morry. We also had a 50/50 draw that Charlene won. Paul and Janet also visited us from Ecuador.

Be sure to join us on May 20 for Chop Night where our club meeting hall is transformed into a giant food processor to make "chop" (fresh food)! We'll make enough for everybody to bring home plenty for their birds.

Check out the rest of the photos on the gallery.

Be sure to join us for our April meeting, Toy Making Night.