March 2013 - Parrot Health and First Aid

By: James B., Tuesday March 18, 2014

The YRPC March meeting welcomed veterinarian Dr. Markus Luckwaldt for a talk on Avian medicine. His presentation was both entertaining and highly informative. He explained the unique ways that birds bodies work, such as their 4 stage breathing process. Common avian diseases such as PDD and avian Chlamydia, were covered, including ways they can be contracted and detected. He also stressed the importance of quarantining new birds before introducing them to a flock, be it yours at home, or the York Region Parrot Club flock.

Dr. Luckwaldt also took us through the examination process vets use for animals, highlighting the additional difficulties encountered with bird patients. Parrots are programmed to hide any signs of illness to avoid predation, making it harder for both the owner and the vet to spot trouble. Bloodwork is often the only way to diagnose a medical condition that could be serious or contagious. With help from Del and Blue of Hands On Exotics, Dr. Luckwaldt demonstrated the proper way to restrain a bird for examination, giving all bird owners an idea of how they can securely hold their own bird for treatment or grooming. After the presentation, there were so many questions, the meeting ran late; Dr. Luckwaldt graciously stayed to answer everyone. Thank you!

Pawsitively Pets also joined us for the evening with their sulfer crested cockatoo and moluccan cocatoo. Marianne's friend brought paper parrots on magnets for us all to take home and enjoy.

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