November Meeting - Positive Reinforcement by Kristi Flemming

By: James B., Tuesday November 19, 2013

Birds flying around, learning about positive reinforcement, eating snacks, laughing, talking with other bird brains, playing with birds -- this was just another fun-filled meeting at the York Region Parrot Club.

Our November meeting had Kristi Flemming present Positive Reinforcement methods for training birds. Her talk was chock full of helpful information. Did you know there's a difference between negative reinforcement and punishment? And that they're likley to fail? Kristi also spoke on the importance of reading body language no matter how subtle. Positive reinforcement works not only for parrots, but anything from bacteria to elephants! Using "shaping" and "bridging" which she shared in the presentation, she was able to train one of our members, Jack, to do her bidding!

Attendance was high, with almost 45 people showing up including guests. A small crew from Pawsitively Pets also visited.

One of our executives Jelena had to give up her position due to scheduling conflicts, however we gained 3 more! Shayna and John "stepped up" as Executive Members, as did Kimberley who is now our secretary. Thanks guys -- our club couldn't run without the executive!

Our next meeting is December 17, 2013 and is our annual Christmas meeting which is always a good time. Word on the street is that Santa will be dropping by and will be doing photos with members and their birds! Members will also receive a small gift so don't miss out! Snacks will be potluck. Watch your inbox for more details.

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