National Bird Show

By: Margot B., Saturday October 19, 2013

On the weekend of Oct 19-20, 2013, YRPC had a booth at the National Bird Show at Richmond Green. There was no shortage of members available to volunteer at this event with parrots to show to the public. With our new black and purple t-shirts and logo matching our banner, our new club branding was in full swing. A young canary exhibitor, Maximilian took a keen interest in Emma and spent a couple hours visiting with her! Yar, Lucy's alexandrine parakeet was also a big hit.

It was nice to see past members Dee and Carole as they spend some time at our booth visiting human and feathered friends. Lots of people took an interest in the club - hopefully some will join us at future meetings. We had so much traffic, we're thinking of getting a larger booth for next year's event!

Thank you to all the volunteers!

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