November Meeting Recap

By: Linda P., Wednesday November 19, 2008

Our November meeting was a culinary success. We were treated to cooking demonstrations by Kelly, Ann and Corey. It was very cute to see the chefs preparing the food with birds on their shoulders. We learned how to prepare muffins, pizza bagels and couscous, for our birds of course.

We shared recipes and we got to take home samples of the birdie treats for our feathered friends.

Yummy treats were provided for our members by Janet. One looney provides us with all you can eat goodies.

We had a silent auction with donations from Wendy and Denise.

We had a great raffle with Christmas goodies and birdie goodies run by Jo-Anne.

We had another raffle for a stained class creation which was donated by Laurie. The winner of this raffle will be announced at our December meeting.

Lots of birds showed up to enjoy our meeting. They brought their owners with them.