October 2013 - Open Forum

By: Margot B., Tuesday October 15, 2013

In October YRPC hosted an open forum discussion to allow opportunity for group discussion on topics of concern to members. Lucy opened with a reminder of the importance of getting your bird vet checked including blood work to ensure it is not a carrier of any diseases. Having bloodwork done also provides a baseline for future reference should your bird become sick. Newly acquired birds should be quarantined until vet checked and all birds must be vet checked before coming to club meetings.

Our new YRPC t-shirts were in and everyone picked up their new duds on time for the National Bird Show at Richmond Green Oct 19-20. Additionally, those who ordered the toy of the month picked up their toys at the meeting - a powder coated coil that can be stuffed to provide your bird with foraging opportunities.

Kristi will join us in November to discuss positive reinforcement techniques in bird training. You may remember Kristi from last October where she spoke to us about foraging for our parrots.

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