September 2013 - Fall Opening Meet and Greet

By: Margot B., Tuesday September 17, 2013

Another season of the York Region Parrot Club kicked off on Tuesday September 17, 2013 with our opening meeting and an excellent turnout of birds and people. Kept as a casual meet and greet, past and new members gathered to reconnect after a summer hiatus.

Steve Kuehl reintroduced our new executive for the 2013-2014 year. Steve and Bonnie are back on executive this year in their new role as Social Convenors. Great to have Linda (Membership coordinator) and Morry (Treasurer) at the front entrance greeting arrivals and helping everyong with name tags and registration. Greg is back this year as Program Coordinator. Webmaster Lucy Kupnicki helped organize the new t-shirt ordering and signups for upcoming events. Kim Harper Daynes had a great spread of snacks for us thanks Kim! Club photographer James was on hand with his camera as was Snap Media look for our event to be featured in the October Newmarket issue of Snap! Notably missed were executive members Andrea Manning and Diana Sargla and secretary Jelena hope to see you guys out next month!

This year instead of holding raffles we're offering a "Toy of the Month." We will be choosing an enrichment toy and make it available for order at cost to members. Lucy and Greg showed us the first Toy of the Month a powder-coated coil that can be stuffed for your bird`s entertainment and foraging.

Also new this year are YRPC dollars bring out a friend and if they join, receive $10 YRPC dollars to be used toward the Toy of the Month, your own membership fees or merchandise such as the club T-shirts.

This year, Jelena will be offering grooming at upcoming meetings: nails and wings are each $5, $7 and $10 for small, medium and large birds respectively with all proceeds going toward the club! YRPC also unveiled it`s new club banner with matching business cards. The new t-shirts will boast a similar branded logo to give the club a uniform look at events.

New banner

Seth brought Blue, his Hyacinth Macaw. Ever mischevious Blue had Margot trained in no time on how to toss him up in the air and enjoyed snuggles with Lucy and Joseph. The Red Lorikeet played games on the table chasing after teasing fingers and running away backwards when reached for. A snuggly Molluccan Cockatoo made the rounds and everyone got some lovin! Dino also showed off his beautiful hybrid macaw and a bare-eyed cockatoo.

Steve's announcements were upstaged by Long Long's (John and Winnie's Black-Headed Caique) moonwalk across the floor.

Summer was great, but so is parrot club! I'm looking forward to a fun-filled year with YRPC. See you next month!