February 2013 - Hands On Exotics

By: Margot B., Tuesday February 19, 2013

This month the York Region Parrot Club was thrilled to welcome Hands On Exotics with our own Seth Falk presenting. Seth shared with the club the story of how he went from a small exotic pet owner to running his own zoo! At one point he had to rehome 20 parrots due to developing parrot-keeper's lung and spent a year in Costa Rica working with parrots outside while he recovered. Back in Canada he got most of his birds back and began acquiring other animals. Eventually to satisfy legal requirements for exotic animal keeping, Hands on Exotics registered as a legal zoo with the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Seth brought a variety of birds to share with the club including a snuggly Umbrella Cockatoo and a talkative Double Yellow Head Amazon. The Silver-Cheeked Hornbill easily mingled with the crowds and though his beak is intimidating, he is less destructive than a hookbill like a parrot! The Chinese Chicken looked like a big puffball and was equally soft to snuggle with. The big bunny was very patient and happy to sit on everyone's laps. For some added excitement, Seth brought out a Madagascar Ring Tailed Lemur and a Coati, a South American member of the racoon family. Both were constantly on the move, looking for food and adventure. The Coati did a few tricks including roll-over and escape the handler but was eventually retrieved! The Lemur showed off his incredible acrobatics jumping from person to person as if they were tree branches in the jungle.

Thank you to Seth and Hands On Exotics for sharing your story and your animals with us.

Check out the rest of the photos on the gallery.