January 2013 - Open Forum

By: Linda P. and Margot B., Tuesday January 15, 2013

YRPCs first meeting of 2012 focused on safety for our parrots. Vice-president Greg shared about various hazards to birds, particularly foods to avoid and an update on Teflon. Club members formed a large circle for the meeting where everyone was encouraged to participate and ask questions.

Toxic foods include the well-known: alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, avocado and the less obvious: fruit seeds and pits, walnut hulls, raw beans, onions, mushrooms and garlic. Teflon is not only a coating on non-stick cookware but can be found in a variety of household items including popcorn poppers, clothes irons and ironing board covers, bread makers, microwave popcorn bags and coffee makers among other things. When selecting a Teflon coated product, make sure it is listed as PTFE ande PFOA free though the safest bet is still to avoid Teflon coatings, especially on products that will be heated.

Long-time club member Tracy Charleston returned after 4 years in New Brunswick with her Blue head conure Baloo. Kimberley Smith also returned with her newly adopted 9 year old female red-bellied poicephalus parrot named Coco.