April 2012 - Toy Making Night

By: Linda P., Tuesday April 17, 2012

Everyone likes new toys and our feathered friends are no exception. Many new toys were created at our annual toy making night on Tuesday, April 17.

Among the choices to make toys were different kinds of strings, dixie cups, coin wrappers, lego, beads, popsicle sticks, corks, wood pieces, paper products, coffee cup trays and many more items.

Our members showed great imagination and creativity. Just check out all the pictures in the photo gallery.

As well as new toys, our birds were treated to T-stands. Drills and glue guns kept our hands busy.

Our raffle had some wonderful store bought toys for our birds to enjoy.

We now have a suggestion box and we invite all members to submit ideas.

Morry also reminded our members that club elections are coming up and provided a sheet with the description of the positions. Our members are encouraged to nominate people they feel are suited for these positions. You can use our website feedback form to submit your nominations.

Harts R Us Aviary kindly donated some parrot food to members and a magnetic door sign to remind people we have flighted birds as they enter.

If you have any photos of your birds playing (or destroying) their new toys, or on their new T-stands, please e-mail our webmaster (James) and/or add them to our facebook group.

Check out the rest of the photos in our gallery.