February 2012 – Q&A Open Forum

By: Linda P., Tuesday February 21, 2012

Our February meeting was a question and answer, open forum discussion. Several topics were discussed, including feather plucking, bathing and foods that may be toxic to our birds. Greg from Avian RX told us about the products he sells – supplements, toys, air purification products etc. Dee gave out 20% off coupons from Michael’s Pet Depot. Jars for Pennies for Parrots were distributed to interested persons.

Dee announced the winner of the trivia contest. Linda Graham won a lovely Bruno mug from HartsrUs. The question was “which bird has a gall bladder?” And Linda knew the answer was a cockatoo. Dee showed us the spray millet which is available for us to order from Nemeth farms. Thanks to Dee, many of our birds were groomed.

Thanks to all who participated in our raffle. It was very successful.

We have some budding mathematicians in our midst. Ben and Joseph each won candy at the candy guess table. I wonder if Morry has been coaching them. :) It is great to see everyone attending the meetings with or without their birds.

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