October 2011 Meeting - Debbie Johnson of Blue Bird Learning

By: Linda P., Tuesday October 18, 2011

What a great meeting our October evening was! We had a great turnout of people and birds. And we had a great speaker. We were fortunate to have had Debbie Johnson of Bluebird Learning speak with us. Debbie offers interactive workshops about birds to school groups, vet students, parrot clubs and humane societies.

Accompanying Debbie were her 2 gorgeous hyacinth macaws. Her slide presentation was titled “Parrots from the inside out”. We learned about the interior systems of the bird from the digestive system to the breathing system. We learned about beak abnormalities, bird eyes and feathers.

Debbie passed around magnifying glasses and bird bones so that we could all examine them. Questions were asked and answered. Also passed around were 3 types of bird feathers, parrot eggs and skeletons. We even saw a short video of the hatching of a spix macaw. Thank you, Debbie, for a very interesting and informative evening!

We also had our usual raffle for bird toys and since it was our Halloween theme evening, we had a Halloween candy guess and Halloweeny treats. We had bird hats worn by Chris and Linda P. These were our symbolic Halloween costumes and Chris won first prize for her costume.

Dee was on hand to lend a hand for grooming and Linda P. circulated with her clipboard asking questions for her "birdie tails" which will appear in the Gazette.

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