June 2011 Meeting - Ribbons and Trophies

By: Linda P., Tuesday June 21, 2011

Ribbons and trophies, and squawking birds of course. This was the scene at the York Region Parrot Club’s annual bird show in June, 2011.

Our judge was Jane Gillespie from Homestead Hatchery in Niagara on the Lake. Jane breeds many bird species including Galah Cockatoos and Cockatiels and we were very lucky to have her as our judge. Jane is very knowledgeable about all birds. She talked about each bird in the show as she judged them and also gave us many great tips about birds. She also explained the standards for showing birds.

There were 3 categories, small, medium and large. Ribbons were presented to the 3 winners in each category. A Painted Conure placed third, a parrotlet came in second and Jesse the lovebird won the ribbon for the first prize in the small category. In the medium category a Jenday Conure came in third. Second and first were won by Sharp Tailed Conures with Joo-Joo winning first place. African Greys won third, second and first places in the large category with Ziggy being first. The trophy was awarded to a Joo-Joo for placing best in the show. Congratulations to all the birds. We even had a yummy cake with those words. :)

In our talent show we saw Joo-Joo giving kisses in Persian while upsidedown. And the winner of the Most Talented Bird Award went to Levi the singing Blue Quaker who sang many songs including “you are my sunshine” and "jingle bells."

We had our raffle table going strong and our special raffled item, the Hawkhead Statue was won by our judge.

It was a great show with ribbons and trophies and winners. I think we are all winners because we all have companion birds to share our lives with.

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