May 2011 Meeting

By: Linda P., Tuesday May 17, 2011

Parrot behaviour. We are all exposed to it since we have birds. If we could only understand what goes on in their heads, it would make life easier but would it be so much fun? A question to ponder. Our speaker at our May meeting was Bev Penney who spoke on parrot behaviour. She explained how she uses positive reinforcement through Applied Behaviour Analysis. She shares her home with 2 Goffins and 2 African Greys. She talked about unwanted parrot behaviours which may include screaming, feather plucking, cage protection and so forth. Food can be a primary reinforcer when we want to modify unwanted behaviours.

Bev says we need to learn to get along with our parrots. We need to let them be themselves. We need to give them choices. There are no “bad” birds. Club members entered into discussions with questions and answers. Bev set up a table with bird articles for sale. All proceeds are donated to The World Parrot Refuge.

In addition to our usual raffle table, we held a special raffle for a beautiful Hawk Head statue donated by Hagen. This raffle will be continued at our June meeting. Our club hats were on sale at $5.00 each with proceeds going to Pennies for Parrots. It was announced that our Gazette newsletter will be on our website and distributed to other clubs. Our swap table had many great items on it

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