April 2011 - Dr. Tracey Manley

By: Linda P., Tuesday April 19, 2011

Our April meeting was very successful. We had a great turnout of members and hopefully perspective members and of course birds.

Tracey Manley, a vet from Yorkwoods Clinic in Keswick was our speaker. She spoke on preventing illness in birds, advised us to have a regular vet and to know what you can about your vet including their routines. She spoke about housing for birds, toys, introducing a new bird into your home and good bird diets. She answered many questions from the floor, some of them were about anaesthetic for birds, first time vet visits and toxic foods. Two very important messages that I learned from listening to Tracey are:

  1. Do not give your bird toilet paper rolls to play with. There may be zinc in the glue on the rolls
  2. Do not use a cement perch as a sleeping perch for your bird. These may cause sores on the bottom of the feet since the bird spends so many hours on the sleeping perch.

Our swap corner was a success. I am sure that many birds will benefit from their "new" pre-owned toys. Please continue to bring any unwanted bird related items to our meetings so that they can be swapped with other unwanted items.

Our librarians set up our usual informative library. We hope members are taking advantage of the great books/magazines/dvd's we have to offer. We had a table full of items for the raffle. We had our buffet table set up and our special snack of the evening was pizza. We had an Easter egg candy guess. Those chocolate eggs sure looked fine and we hope the winner enjoys them, and it wasn’t Morry.

Look for the May issue of the Snap Richmond Hill newspaper, either online or in stores. A photographer from the newspaper took notes and pictures and will do a writeup about the evening.

Check out the rest of the photos in our gallery.