By: Linda P., Tuesday December 21, 2010

The York Region Parrot Club held its annual Christmas party on December 21st. The hall was buzzing ( I mean squawking) with people and birds. Santa was available with Scarlett for pictures and we all took advantage of the photo op. Thank you, Santa, for dropping by to wish us all a happy holiday.

Morry’s system for the candy guess failed this time. The rug was pulled out from under him. The winners were Marney, Janet and Sandra. It’s good to spread the cheer around. :) Our candy cane pull went green this year and prizes were given out to winners.

Our new social convenor ,Chris, :) introduced us to a new game. We had to makes guesses about x-rays. James won that game. Members participated in our raffle and the winners who got to take home the items were Kamran ( new member :)), Sandra (new member :)), Faye, Bonnie K and Marney. Thanks to all, our buffet table had a great selection of very yummy Christmas treats on it.

We had a secret Santa gift exchange.

We are still holding our silent auction Hagen bird cage until our January meeting. The cage was on display. It would be a great home for a small bird, or a night cage or a carrier.

In lieu of loot bags this year, attending members took home a Hagen bag of tropican pellets for their birds. Yummy!

We had good company, good chats, good laughs and we even had a visit from an elf. He is Marney’s sweet Liam who posed like an angel.

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