October Meeting

By: Linda P., Tuesday October 19, 2010

What a busy meeting we had in October. We had a Halloween theme and several members dressed in Halloween attire. Heather won the prize for the best costume with a fantastic bird headdress. Thank you to all the participants in the contest. Our buffet table also reflected our Halloween theme and thank you to all the members who contributed goodies to the table. Our candy guess was won by guess who. How does he guess correctly every time? He is supposed to be banned from guessing.! But, Morry, being a good sport, let the second winner, Max, take home the candies. Our raffle table had toys and food and ornaments.

Our speaker for the evening was Raouf Malek, a veternian who joined Yorkwood Vet Clinic in 2007. He brought John, his female African Grey who is 11 years old. He talked about how we should transport our birds to the vet, what a vet looks for in a bird, bird screaming and biting. A question and answer session followed.

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