By: Linda P., Tuesday September 21, 2010

Hi everyone, Our new year has started and we welcome all new members and all returning members. Tonight was our first meeting of the new year. It was a meet n greet meeting.

We had a great turnout of people and birds. It is always fun to renew friendships after our summer break. Many many thanks to Dee and Carole Hart for volunteering their time to groom our birds. Dee brought all his equipment and set everything up at a table. He provided a valuable service to our club members. Carole provided a valuable service as his assistant. All money collected was donated to our club. Our buffet table was set up to serve beverages and cookies with an additional treat from Janet.

We had a great raffle with bird toys and bird food. Carol and Linda were busy at the membership table. Many of our members stopped by to visit our library table and to borrow books and magazines. Letís enjoy our library.

It was a very enjoyable and informal get together. We are looking forward to a great year with the York Region Parrot Club.

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