June 2010 Meeting Recap

By: Linda P., Tuesday June 15, 2010

June saw our last meeting before the summer break.

Our 2010 – 2011 executive was announced. The line up is as follows:

  • President – Steve Kuehl
  • Vice President – Bonnie Kuehl
  • Secretary – Linda Posner
  • Treasurer – Carol Mcmillan
  • Social Convenor – Linda Graham
  • Librarians – Bonnie and Doug Miller
  • Webmaster – James Bai
  • Gazette Editor – Carole Hart.

Our annual bird show was held and Jane Gillespie was the judge. Before the judging, Jane shared tips and secrets on getting our birds in top condition and ready for bird shows. We had 3 categories of birds – small, medium and large. As Jane moved from bird to bird, she explained what judges look for in the contestant birds.

The winners in the small category were: third place the painted conure, second place was the lovebird and first place was the quaker named Yoda.

The winners in the medium category were: third place went to the Jenday conure, second place was the Hahn’s macaw and first place was the blue crowned conure. The winners in the large category were: the blue and gold macaw took third place, the african grey won second place and first place was won by the sulphur crested cockatoo.

The overall best bird in the show was claimed by Cheeky, the sulphur crested cockatoo.

2 birds entered our talent contest. Emma won a plaque for her tricks. She creates an angel with her wings and she lies upside down on her dad’s head. Oliver flips down when mommy says “I want to kiss your belly” and he knocks on wood when mommy says “knock on the door”.

Congratulations to all our wonderful birds and all our winners.

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