October Meeting Recap

By: Linda P., Wednesday October 15, 2008

We had a great turnout at our annual October open house, despite the snowy weather. I expected to see Santa and his reindeer. Instead we were greeted at the door by a nun and journeying into the room, we were treated to a hillbilly gal, some pirates, a witch, a doctor, a devil and even our mascott was dressed up for Halloween as a pirate.

Our feathered friends were represented by cockatoos, macaws, senegals, quakers, amazons, conures, jardines, cockatiels, a meyers and a caique. I apologize if I missed naming any birds.

Marney the nun won first prize for the best costume. It was a blessed event!

Treats and yummy goodies were supplied by Janet, who came complete with a Maggie Macaw on her straw hat which still had the price tag dangling. Halloween table cloths and Halloween napkins graced the buffet table.

It was a very busy night. Our library was set up, we had the 50/50 draw, we had a raffle from Lori Larson with her stained glass creations, we had great bird toys for sale and we had a fun estimate the candy contest.

A lot of people learned about birds at our open house and we met a lot of new folks. Thank you to everyone who braved the snow and who brought out their birds.