February 2010 Meeting

By: Linda P., Tuesday February 16, 2010

We had a great variety of feathered friends and their human companions at our February meeting. Even our mascot attended, dressed in his valentine best. He wore his heart sunglasses and carried a cupid bow and arrow. Our best valentine dressed person was our social convenor, Jo-Anne. We all loved her jersey with a heart on it and her heart pajama bottoms, I mean pants. Morry guessed correctly, AGAIN, at our valentine candy guess. Wanna share your secret with the rest of us? Our buffet table, set out by our caterer, Janet, was a celebration of valentineís day and pancake Tuesday.Our raffle table held many goodies that were won by some of our members.

Our library table displayed some great bird books, magazines and duotangs with information on parrot species, thanks to Bonnie and Doug.

Itís always interesting when our new members introduce themselves and their birds. We welcome them to our club.

Our speaker of the evening was Gil Hudson, a breeder of rare and exotic birds. After he gave us some background on himself, he opened up the floor to questions and answers on a great variety of topics. Some of the topics included birds transmitting diseases, filing birds nails and beaks, intelligence and bird mimicry, breeding ages of birds, feeding habits and bringing birds across the U.S./Canada border.

Check out the rest of the photos in our gallery.