January Meeting

By: Linda P, Tuesday January 19, 2010

Our first meeting of the new year was held on Jan.19, 2010. It was a great turnout of people and birds. We had, as usual, our great raffle table with lots of great prizes. And we had, as usual, our sumptuous buffet table, all you can eat and drink for a toonie. It even included nut treats and green beans for our birds.

Our library is up and running again. We ask that when you want to sign out a book, you write your name, phone number and email address for our librarians. You will be allowed to borrow 2 books at any one time and there is a one month sign out period. Overdue books will be subject to a fine which will be donated to the club.

Our speaker of the evening was Dr. Kim Kosari. She is a vet who delivers house calls. She gave an interesting talk on enriching the life of a companion bird in and out of the cage. She talked about audible, visual and tactile enrichment. She played a very interesting DVD about foraging. Captive birds need foraging experiences to prevent boredom. These experiences can include such items as foraging trees and foraging toys. They can be homemade and tailored to fit the needs of your bird. They can be as simple as a treat wrapped in paper. Or they can be more challenging such as unscrewing wing nuts to locate the treat.

It was a fun evening and we gained knowledge as well. :)

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