May 2009 Meeting Recap - A Foraging Success!

By: Linda P., Monday May 25, 2009

Thanks to Ann Shewan, our guest speaker, for all her input and hard work on foraging. Ann explained that birds in the wild spend much time looking for food and caged birds need stimulation to look for food. Hence, foraging toys.

Ann showed us some great creative foraging toys that give birds a chance to use their intelligence and gives them exercise. We had a contest and the criteria used for judging was the ease of finding building materials, the bird’s reaction to the toy, and the ease of the actual construction of the toy. Thanks to all our members for participating.

Janet created a giant “limbo stick” with hanging toys. Margot made small toys by using a paper bag and cup. Jo-Anne made a peek-a-boo box. Daniel and Hanus (sorry if I mispelled your name) showed us a foraging station which was a huge box with lots of branches and toilet paper rolls filled with food. Kelly used an orange pepper, taking out the core and seeds and stuffing the holes with nuts and spaghetti. Marney opened the leaves of an artichoke and put fruit in it. Max put pine nuts in popsicle sticks wrapped with twine. Karen wrapped construction paper around toilet paper rolls. Steve attached a water bottle to a movable bolt. Food is put into the bottle and the bird has to turn over the bottle to get the food. Paul punched holes in an egg carton and inserted shredded paper and nuts. Debbie drilled holes in a plastic bottle and put treats inside.

Congratulations to our winners!!!! First prize went to Janet, second prize was awarded to Karen and Max took home the third prize. Honourable mention went to Daniel and Hanus.

Our 2 reigning queens, both bedecked in their finery which included wands and crowns, were Janet and Jo-Anne.

We had a raffle, a candy guess, a silent auction, buffet snacks and lots of learning fun!