April 2009 Meeting Recap - Contests and a Quiz

By: Linda P., Wednesday April 22, 2009

Our April club meeting was a fun meeting, filled with contests and a birdie quiz.

Our theme was spring and our contest winner for the best spring outfit wore shorts. Hey, isnít that a summer outfit? Oh well thatís okey :)))))

We had a candy guess contest with easter goodies packed in jars. Morry guessed correctly and I have eaten most of the candies at one sitting.. :))) They were yummy. Thanks Jo-Anne for supplying that contest.

We had a raffle with bird toys and other assorted goodies which is always productive. We had a silent auction for a good looking cage with stand. Some lucky bidder took that cage home for some lucky birdie.

Ann briefed us on her upcoming foraging meeting and we are all working hard on our toy creations.

Our yummy buffet was as usual only one loonie for all you can eat and this time it included cupcakes that were too good to eat, but they managed to be eaten :))))

The main focus of the evening was a birdie quiz created by Linda. Chairs were arranged in a circle with one chair in the middle. Questions were asked by Linda and anyone with an answer was encouraged to run to the chair, put on the bird hat and yell out the answer. Our most knowledgeable club member was Debra who won the prize of her choice. The runner up was Margot. It was a fun and educating game.

To end the evening, we had a question and answer/comment open forum session. Several interesting topics were discussed. Thanks, everyone for your participation in the events.

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