March 2009 Meeting Recap - Toy Making and St. Patrick's Day

By: Linda P., Wednesday March 18, 2009

Bangles, Bobbles and Beads

It was our annual toy making night on March 17th with a St. Patrick’s Day green theme. What a great night!

What a great selection of materials to make our toys with! There were pastas, wood blocks, plastic beads, clothes pins, sticks, chains, ropes, bells, colourful objects and oh so many other things.

So much creativity!

Great toys were constructed with drills, knots, links, bows, ties, saws, scissors and clips.

So much green!

Green included green shoes, green socks, green pants, green shirts, green stickers, green glasses, green lipstick, green earings and even green hair and green nail polish. For those who failed to wear green, green headbands and little green hats were provided. We even had a green winner!

Our great buffet table consisted of green veggies and other green edibles and green liquid. Under the table were green balloons.

Our raffle, as usual, included great items. Our door prizes were in tune with our St. Paddy’s Day theme. We had 2 green candy guessing jars.

Thanks to all who participated in our toy making night to make it such a fun and successful night. I am sure our birds will appreciate all the beautiful new toys their human friends came home with that night.