February 2009 Meeting Recap

By: Linda P., Thursday February 26, 2009

Once again, it was a great meeting.

Lots of macaws showed up as well as cockatoos, senegals, greys,a painted conure, a quaker parrot and a cockatiel.

Ruffles stole the show with his pacing back and forth, his hilarous laughter and his strange and loveable voice. Our buffet table was so yummy thanks to Janet. The raffle had some great items in it. Such good value. We had a candy guess contest with the lucky winners taking home delicious valentine candies.

One of us won a prize for the person wearing the most hearts (yours truly). And one of us won a prize for the person wearing the most red (Marney).

Our club shirts and baseball hats and calendars were for sale.

Our library had books about wildlife which was our theme of the meeting.

Our speakers were Debbie Neale and Andy, her husband from Wild Birds Unlimited. They brought samples of bird feeders and books and explained about the different kinds of wild bird seed available.

Debbie talked about pesticide use, climate change, deforestation as well as the illegal parrot trade.

They explained that to help parrots and wild birds, we should try to purchase foods that have not been sprayed heavily with pesticides (buy Canadian or American) and purchase fairly traded goods and birds.

Their talk was very interesting and educating.

I am sure that everyone who attended the February meeting enjoyed it.