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  1. Mission Statement
  2. Why Join the York Region Parrot Club?
  3. What do we do at the meetings?
  4. Where and when do we meet?
  5. What other activities do we do?
  6. Has the YRPC been in the media?
  7. Can I attend a meeting before I join?
  8. How do I join?
  9. What Are the fees to join?
  10. Where does the money go?
  11. Can vendors sell items at the meetings?
  12. Do you have a Code of Conduct?
  13. Are there Health and Safety guidelines?
  14. What is your policy regarding liability?
  15. History
  16. Who are the executive?

Mission Statement

The York Region Parrot Club is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of pet birds and the education of their owners.

Why Join the York Region Parrot Club?

Come join our flock! Whether you already own a parrot, are thinking of getting one, or would just like to see some face-to-face, join us at one of our meetings or events. We are a fun bunch!

There's lots of great reasons to join. You will meet other bird-loving people like yourself, learn about parrots in a fun-loving environment, listen to informative speakers, participate in toy making nights, enjoy our social evenings, play games and win awesome prizes, fun for the kids too, and show your bird in our Annual Bird Show and Talent Contest. You will also get to handle lots of different birds. Members bring their happy, healthy, Avian Vet checked birds to our meetings.

What Do We Do At the Meetings?

This is the fun part of being a member! We bring our bird(s) to the monthly meetings and we always have fun socializing the birds and socializing with each other. We usually have a speaker on a topic (eg. active foraging, general parrot care, etc.) or an activity (eg. toy-making night, training night, etc.). See our Calendar for upcoming meeting topics. We also have a tasty refreshment table, and an optional 50/50 draw or raffle that you can choose to participate in.

To keep our birds happy and healthy, we ask that everyone bringing a bird to the meetings have it checked by an avian veterinarian on a regular basis. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any bird that we feel might pose a health threat to the other birds at our meetings.

Where and When do we meet?

The YRPC meets regularly on every third Tuesday of the month at the Richmond Hill Legion in Richmond Hill. See our Meeting & Location page for a map.

What other activities do we do?

The YRPC also participates in community events and outreaches such as Canada Day in Fairy Lake in Newmarket, All About Pets Show, and more! Our outreach events also include Seniors residences and Cub Scout meetings.

Has the YRPC been in the media?

Yes! The York Region Parrot Club has appeared on Breakfast Television and Snap Media Newmarket.

Can I Attend A Meeting Before I Join?

Of course! We understand our club may not be for everyone so feel free to attend a meeting to check us out. Beware -- you'll probably enjoy it so much you'll want to join on the spot so bring your cheque book! Admission without a membership is $5 per person. We ask that visitors do not bring their birds to our meetings for the health and well being of our flock.

How Do I Join?

To become a member, please fill out a membership form and give your payment to our treasurer at the monthly meeting or an event the club is attending. Cheques are made out to "York Region Parrot Club". You will receive a name tag to wear at the meetings as well as a subscription to our monthly newsletter, "The Gazette". As a member, you will also receive discounts at certain stores (see your copy of the Gazette for listings).

What Are the Fees to Join?

††Membership Fees
†Family:††$60 (Up to 2 Adults + children under 12 years)
†or Student:
††$20 (Junior = 12 - 18 years, Senior = 65 and over)
†Children:Free! (Children = under 12 years)
Please note that all children should be accompanied by an adult and be supervised at all times.

Where Does the Money Go?

Your membership fees go towards the club's expenses such as location rental, website, guest speakers, etc. and are due in September.

Do You Have a Code of Conduct?

  1. The York Region Parrot Club exists to provide a fun and non-threatening environment to educate its members about the preservation and enhancement of pet birds.
  2. Club Members shall conduct themselves in a manner that is both honourable and in keeping with the spirit of professionalism, learning, and educating the public about companion birds.
  3. Club Members are encouraged to participate in Club activities such as monthly meetings, Club socials, and Club events and outings.
  4. Club Members shall observe the highest standard of behaviour when representing the Club or attending an event/activity organized by this or any other bird club.
  5. A Club Member who allows the expected level of behaviour to fall may be subject to disciplinary action. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include but are not limited to:
    • Any willful disregard for the health and well being of birds;
    • Abusive behaviour or language;
    • Threatening behaviour;
    • Personal attacks in action or words;
    • Provocative, rude or excessive obscene language
  6. Any Club Member found engaging in unacceptable behaviour may have their membership suspended or may be expelled from the Club at the discretion of the executive for the security and benefit of all club members.

Are there Health and Safety guidelines?

We believe in providing a healthy and safe environment for our flock. All members are expected to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not feed, pick up or touch another memberís bird(s) without their permission.
  2. Use Hand Sanitizer (before picking up or touching another bird and after clean up)
  3. All members are responsible for cleaning up after their bird(s). Please clean the backs and seats of chairs and floor area of all poop and food debris before leaving the meeting or event.
  4. Close the door. Some birds are flighted and to ensure that we donít lose any of our feathered friends, please make sure that you ensure the door is closed after arriving or leaving.
  5. Birds must have been in the possession of a club member for at least 60 days prior to attending a club meeting or event.
  6. Non-members are not allowed to bring birds to meetings or events. The exception being members of other clubs that are invited to participate.

Can vendors sell items at the meetings?

We are open to having vendors sell items at our meetings. If you are a vendor, please use our contact page. Please be aware of our policy regarding vendors:


We have a release of liability form that members and visitors sign before taking part in any club meeting or club sponsored event:

Assumption of Risks
I am aware that participating in a York Region Parrot Club activity involves some inherent risks, dangers and hazards, including but not limited to: bird and animal biting, scratching and marks to clothing, furniture and flooring from the birds and animals. I am also aware that the risks, dangers and hazards referred to above exist for the duration of time that York Region Parrot Club and its animals are on the premises. I freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, property damage or loss resulting therefrom.

In consideration of myself and my guests being permitted to take part in activities offered by York Region Parrot Club, I hereby agree as follows:

  1. To waive any and all claims that I have or may in future have against York Region Parrot Club, its executive, guest speakers, agents and representatives (all of whom are hereinafter collectively referred to as "York Region Parrot Club".
  2. To release York Region Parrot Club from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I may suffer or that my guests may suffer as a result of my use of York Region Parrot Clubís services, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence on the part of York Region Parrot Club.
  3. To hold harmless and indemnify York Region Parrot Club from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury to any third party, resulting from my use of York Region Parrot Clubís services; and
  4. That this Agreement shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns in the event of my death.

I have read and understood this Agreement prior to signing it, and I am aware that by signing this Agreement I am waiving certain legal rights for myself and my family named below against York Region Parrot Club.


Mango and Kayla

The Newmarket Parrot Association (NPA) was founded in 1999 when a group of parrot enthusiasts gathered for a BBQ. All feathered friends were invited to bring their owners for an afternoon of avian fun! Thus a grass roots organization began and the Newmarket Parrot Association was born! In 2006 the NPA spread its wings to cover all of York region and became the York Region Parrot Club (YRPC). Since then, parrot owners, breeders and birds of a feather, meet once a month to share and learn from one another.

Who are the Executive?

The 2018/2019 Executives are:

Treasurer:Morry Posner
Secretary:Christine Pezeshki
Social Conveners:Bonnie Kuehl
Steve Kuehl
Executive Members:Shayna Genereux
John Ryan
Audrey McDonough
Carla Wood
Caterer:Kim Harper Daynes
Membership:Linda Posner
Webmaster:Lucy Kupnicki
Photographer:Lucy Kupnicki
Website Blog: Christine Pezeshki